Proud Home of the Coyotes

Welcome to the website of the Mary A. Otondo Elementary School Coyotes. We’re sure your visit will be both educational and enjoyable. While visiting our website, you’ll learn why we are so proud of our school, our students, our teachers, our parents, and our community. We have a lot to offer the students who attend our school. Thanks to our dedicated staff and teachers and great parental and community support, we are able to offer every child who attends our school an outstanding education with high academic and social standards.

As you get acquainted with our website, you will find out more about us and our staff. You will also learn about our awesome PTO and Site Council members. Be sure to visit the page that tells about some of the special programs we have to offer. For quick and easy information, we have provided a page for your most frequently asked questions. But, of course, if you’d like to contact us directly you are always welcome to do so.

Our Vision

Our vision at Otondo Elementary School is to develop a moral learning community where all students will achieve academic success while becoming citizens of strong positive character.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard work to be a student, parent, or teacher. The best way to help with the education of your child is to be involved by communicating with your child and your child’s teacher. Speak to your child every day about his/her day at school. Find out what he/she did in school. Open his/her backpack and look at what he/she brings home. Provide him/her a place, that is well lit and free of distractions, where he/she can regularly do his/her homework. Listen to your child, and help him/her when you can. Please don’t do your child’s homework. Make him/her think and explain. Have him/her look back at prior work or prior text pages.

Don’t stress over homework. If your child doesn’t seem to understand the homework, or you do not understand what needs to be done, then stop! Write the teacher a note that lets the teacher know that your child did not complete the homework and why. It is important for you to communicate with your child’s teacher.


Mr Clayton

Mr. Clayton, Principal