Our Staff

Our school staff has one primary interest—the education of your child. We pledge to provide a safe learning environment while challenging them academically and personally to help every student reach his or her potential. We respect and appreciate the individual and cultural differences of our students and their families, and we will do our best to find solutions to any concerns you might have.

Our Goals

  • We will use current data, assessments, and practices to refine our reading and writing programs and increase the number of students reading on grade level.
  • We will implement and develop Learning Communities in which we create a positive, secure, small school environment.
  • We will develop opportunities for student involvement before, during, and after school.
  • We will develop a school-wide character education plan.
  • We will refine our reading, writing, and math programs.


Mr. Clayton

Mr. Neuman
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Grande

Mrs. Aguirre

Mrs. Gist

Mrs. Osborn
Nurse Assistant


Mrs. Hinkle
Room: K1

Mrs. Raebel
Room: K2

Mrs. Parrish
Room: K3

Mrs. Pereira
Room: A1

Mrs. Underhill
Room: A8

1st Grade

Mrs. Estrada
Room: A2

Mrs. Corners
Room: A4

Mrs. Kloster
Room: A5

Miss Alcala
Room: A7

2nd Grade

Ms. Evans
Room: A3

Ms. Munoz
Room: B3

Miss Gebhart
Room: B4

Mrs. Jones
Room: Cresta

Miss Flores
Room: B2

Ms. Evans
Room: 1st/2nd Combo

3rd Grade

Ms. Zandiotis
Room: B7

Mrs. Clayton
Room: B5

Mrs. Davalos
Room: B6

Mrs. Findley
Room: B1

Mrs. Cisneros
Room: B8

4th Grade

Mrs. Colegrove
Room: C5

Mrs. VanVoorst
Room: C6

Ms. Melanson
Room: C8

Mrs. Smith
Room: C7

5th Grade

Mrs. Sullins
Room: C1

Mrs. Taylor
Room: C2

Mrs. Felix
Room: C3

Mr. Tillou
Room: C4

Special Area Programs

Mr. Lusk

Mrs. Araujo
K-2 ESS DD Teacher

Mrs. Faltermeier
Resource Teacher

Mrs. Ellsworth
Art Teacher

Mrs. Ortega
Music Teacher

Mrs. Lucero
PE Teacher

Mrs. Bickford

Mrs. Packard
Military Counselor

Mrs. Lusk

Mrs. Martinez
Speech Pathologist

Mrs. Galabiz
Discovery Program

Custodians / Maintenance

Mr. Hernandez

Mr. Avila

Mr. Higuera

Mr. Ruiz

Mrs. Gomez


Mrs. Enriquez

Miss Cabrara

Mrs. Hernandez

Ms. Yates

Mrs. Gray

Miss Zepeda


Mrs. Enquist

Miss Rasmussen

Mrs. Clayton

Mrs. Nimesgern

Mrs. Torres

Miss Suarez

Ms. Nickell

Miss Allen

Miss Jones

Mrs. Long

Mrs. Tillou

Mrs. Larsen